Critical Intelligence - Continuous, Adaptive intelligence for ICS/SCADA

What's Your
Critical Intelligence?

Critical Intelligence is continuous, adaptive intelligence - not just cyber security data. Vandals, criminals, nation states and computer hackers are increasing their knowledge of industrial control systems weaknesses. Your adversary is adapting... shouldn't you?

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Organizations that operate the world's infrastructures seek Critical Intelligence to protect their customers, defend their employees, and deliver on their promises.
Focus on the operational technology that drives your organization. Increase security ROI. Protect the stuff that matters.

Is Your Intelligence ICS Specific?

It is paramount that critical infrastructure balance the needs of industrial safety and reliability with cyber security. CI contextualizes developments and trends for senior management. CI enables process engineers to see what the bad guys are targeting. CI empowers IT security analysts by bridging the IT-OT gap.

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Organizations responsible for critical infrastructure must have a consistent, iterative approach to cybersecurity risk.

What's Your Attack Surface?

What does your adversary find when he looks for you? Critical Intelligence monitors domains, networks, open sources, and deep web repositories to identify active threats and open doors for an adversary to target and attack the critical assets controlled by your organization.

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Threat actors find new ways to exploit systems. Adversaries create new attack tools. They continually adapt. Shouldn't you?

Is Your Threat
Intelligence Continuous?

Get rapidly evolving trends and developments in the industrial cyber threat environment by subscribing to our continuous situational awareness service. Our real-time, weekly, quarterly, and tailored reports deliver specific forewarning to operational ICS and cyber security engineers. Your threats don't work ad-hoc, why should your defenses?

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