Cyber Intelligence Assessment - Cyber Intelligence Assessments involve an analysis of your information technology environment to identify targeting or attack by well-funded, -trained, -organized and -equipped adversaries. Persistent adversaries are likely to tailor their attacks to target your environment. Such tailored and targeted attacks thus frequently bypass standard security controls.

The Cyber Intelligence Assessment involves
1) determining whether advanced threat actors have targeted or exploited your organization, and
2) assisting your team in developing its own capabilities to detect and prevent such attacks.




Latest News

CounterIntel Conference: Critical Intelligence will be hosting our first CounterIntel Conference and Training in Park City, UT September 16-18. Join industry peers and intelligence experts to discuss situational awareness and intelligence.
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Critical Intelligence Releases 2013 Industrial Control Systems Security Trends and Analysis Report : The report notes 263 ICS specific vulnerabilities in 2013, more than twice the vulnerabilities covered by U.S. Government sources.
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Critical Intelligence Presents at RSA 2014: Critical Intelligence presented "Effects-Based Targeting of Critical Infrastructure" at the RSA 2014 Conference.
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