The Critical Intelligence Industrial Control Systems Cyber Situational Awareness Service helps ICS
stakeholders to:

  1. Stay up-to-date with developments in the ICS cyber threat environment
  2. Identify appropriate mitigation techniques
  3. Develop an accurate and compelling business case for appropriate ICS security investments

The Standard ICS Cyber Situational Awareness Service includes: Weekly Situational Awareness Reports and Quarterly Trends and Analysis Reports.

The Enhanced ICS Cyber Situational Awareness Service includes all components of our Standard service and adds customized intelligence.



 Weekly Situational Awareness Reports: Weekly summaries and analysis of:
  • Newly disclosed vulnerabilities in ICS products
  • Newly disclosed vulnerabilities in products potentially affecting ICSs
  • Newly discovered attack tools with the potential to affect ICSs
  • ICS Indicators and Warnings
  • ICS Technical and Market Developments
  • ICS Software and Firmware Updates
  • ICS Defense Developments
  • ICS network activity

Quarterly Reports: High-level view of activities and trends in ICS cyber security covering the
previous three-month period.



Customized Intelligence: A security information feed crafted to the environment of the critical infrastructure ICS asset owner. The feed is created via black box open source discovery that establishes a baseline of the publicly available information attackers may use to target the asset owner such as:

  • Companies owned/subsidiaries
  • Executives
  • Domain names
  • Company networks
  • Control system technologies used
  • Facilities
  • Specific employees
  • Malicious network activity monitoring

This information is collected from a variety of sources, including, but not limited to: social networking
sites, internet relay chat servers, blogs, mail lists, forums, peer to peer applications and vendor and
partner sites.

Once the baseline has been established, the asset owner will be able to review the results and modify
the search items. Critical Intelligence will then monitor for updated items of interest and provide
results to the asset owner on a weekly basis.

Feeds will be filtered and analyzed by Critical Intelligence to reduce noise and provide higher fidelity. In addition, Critical Intelligence will specifically monitor for potentially malicious activity originating from your corporate networks.

Each product is delivered as a password-protected PDF file via email.


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